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  • New Building arrangements

    New Building arrangements

    Work will start on July 20th to revamp the whole building. This work will affect car parking to a minor degree during day time hours, as a new frontage and roof will be erected during the summer holiday period. It is at great expense that management have been able to implement the first part of

  • Client success, consistency figures up

    A recent study carried out concerning private clients, shows evidence supporting the fact that the longevity of trainer/client relationships are up due to fitness gains and competitive prices offered by trainers and coaches at Stevie B’s. We discovered that clients in general are staying with the same coaches for periods of up to six times

  • Tommy’s gloves are back on

    Interesting to see boxing coach Tommy Pender drawing an interesting crowd of onlookers when he had his first sparring session in nearly 20 years. Tom looked fantastic against a very good opponent, every ounce the predator, he was a younger Man (good job he can control it). Rumor has it Tommy had to take his

  • Rice on ice

    Chris Rice’s championship fight has been set back to a later date after running into difficulties with opponents Apparently Chris was prepared to fight former cage rage champ Paul Cahoon, however Chris and management want the fight to take place in Birmingham rather than Liverpool. Chris had suffered a very minor injury after his last

  • Braulio may take a big step in ’09

    We are a little closer to discovering whether the world’s most technical fighter will fight MMA in ‘09. Braulio Estima has had an eventful 12 months with his marriage to wife, Beata, and the birth of his first child Julian……… and winning a Europeans/French opens and World Heavyweight titles (I have forgotten one!) so as

  • Juels to make debut

    Talking of Julians, our own Julian “the second city cobra” Shuttleworth will also be making his debut on the same bill. Local interest in Jules’ development is such that we need to give updates…………… Has this guy has got Acocks Green behind him or what!АвторегистраторыMcLarenк чему снятся духиKI110купить классическую кухню недороготепловая пушка цена купитьработа на

  • Marc ‘The Shark’ show date to be confirmed.

    Former son of Stevie‘s, Marc ‘The Shark’ Goddard is preparing to host his second amateur MMA show at the Bescott stadium. This is an event the gym wholeheartedly supports. Marc has gone on to become the official UFC referee for the United Kingdom. Dates and ticket details will be posted.payday loans nzсколько стоят духи монтальциклёвка

  • Ian the machine at STEVIE B’S

    The man who we consider the first real quality MMA competitor for the UK, Ian Freeman, is holding a seminar on the 23rd August You can’t afford to miss the experience that Ian can bring to your game. Ian was the most noted for his destruction of UFC world champion Frak Mir Ian’s last fight