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  • Chris Rice vs John Doyle – MMA Bout

    Chris Rice vs John Doyle – MMA Bout

    Our very own MMA man Chris Rice, is taking on the American John Doyle this evening in the West Point Arena, in Exeter. In the organisers own words: Seasoned MMA veteran John Doyle (10-10-0) steps into the cage looking to end his losing streak, facing UK’s very own Chris Rice (15-7-0). Doyle, a 33 year

  • Days Out – What happens away from the Gym?

    Days Out – What happens away from the Gym?

    Ever wondered what the staff at the gym get up to in their own time? How do they relax?  Where do they go?  What do they do to get a mind break from it all?? That’s what this new photo gallery is all about!  Check out the photos to see how Stevie B’s Gym staff

  • Sprawl n Brawl MMA club guys clean up

    On 21st February, 4 students from the Sprawl n Brawl Mixed Martial Arts club took part in their first interclub at Thaitans Martial Arts in Redditch. They were competing against different clubs from around the Midlands. We’re glad to say that everyone from Sprawl n Brawl won… and in style!  All were quick submission wins, with some good

  • Ladies Dirty Boxing gallery

    Ladies Dirty Boxing gallery

    Our ladies are loving their dirty boxing classes here at Stevie B’s, so we pulled out the camera and took a load of photos of them during a training session. Think you want to learn some real, street worthy self defence? Pop along to one of these classes then.добавить сайт на индексациюпрограмма обучения английскомупокрывало RenaultTY1TRDпокрывало

  • New MMA photo gallery

    New MMA photo gallery

    We’ve added a new gallery for our Mixed Martial Arts club here in Birmingham, known as Sprawl ‘n’ Brawl, led by Chris Rice.  If you think you are interested in joining this club, don’t hesitate to contact us.Inspector SCIROCCOфото циклевка паркета LX5042долгосрочная аренда квартир ужгороддешевые туры в таиландречной транспортвидеоглазок своими рукамиЛинзы желтые с УФ защитой

  • MMA Club lads in Interclub Fight

    Some of our lads from our Mixed Martial Arts Club here in Birmingham are taking part in a competition held at Thaitans Martial Arts club in Redditch. They guys, lead by Chris Rice in his Sprawl ‘n’ Brawl classes, are due to take part in the fights which start at 3pm, Sunday 21st February 2010. If

  • New Gym Forum Online

    In our greater plans of building the community that is and surrounds Stevie B’s Gym, we’ve now added the new Forum where you can post and discuss subjects to your heart’s content. We actually had a forum a long time ago, which some of you may remember, back on the old website that was created