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About Stevie B’s Gym & Martial Arts Academy

It was 1993 and Doriyan Yates had just won Mr. Olympia for the third time. Britain was on the world map for international bodybuilding. Back in England, Sarah Brindle began her intense journey that would see her win the Women’s British Bodybuilding Championship. In 1996, having won the WBBC, Sarah partnered with her personal trainer and founder of Stevie B’s, Steve Brindle.

Stevie B’s Gym had been created, we’ve changed a lot over the past 22 years, growing, adding features, starting classes, bringing in new instructors, working with champions, and seeing positive results.

What makes us stand out?

Our Background

So what’s our background at Stevie B’s Gym?


Over the years our gym has provided some of the finest bodybuilding and figure athletes known throughout the industry.

1995. IFBB Contestant Christine Tooze

With victories in the British figure scene from Judy Ivory, Anglea Fisher and senior champion Debbie.. Success also occurred at world Powerlifting with heavyweight victories for Lee Marshall who broke the British, European and world squat record and Paul Chester who won the world Junior title.

Stevie B’s hosted the European bench press championship in Birmingham and was the first to expose cross fit with the Pagan games in 1999 – a training system that we have continued to develop to the present day.

Martial Arts

In 2000, Stevie B’s with the help of Andy Roberts and Baz Foley saved and rehomed Gracie Bara Birmingham, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club which had been left leaderless after the great Mauricio Gomez found it necessary to return home to Brazil. The combat facility of the day, which was home to a group of Vale’ Tudo fighters was improved and a young man from Brazil called Braulio Estima was employed as BJJ coach. This young man went on to become a legend in the sport winning four World titles and countless pan Americans, whilst being the resident professional at Stevie B’s. and he benefited from a conditioning programme devised by Stevie B (note: detailed information all programmes and techniques can be accessed by request for “THE CRACK” memoirs of Stevie B).

On the MMA front the awesome Chris Rice came in and helped create Sprawl and Brawl MMA.

During his time with us Chris laid down another foundation stone that has become a legacy. During a recent seminar, Stevie B declared that under different circumstances Chris could have been competing with any middleweight in the world. Coming from somebody who has hosted George St Pierre, Geoff Monson, Roger Gracie, Dennis Cang, Mike Bisping, Dan Hardy, Eric Paulson and many more, that’s an interesting analysis.

Events & TV

Back in 2003 Stevie B’s was the first operation to attempt to host an MMA event in Birmingham, under the direction of newly founded company, Fight Starter Limited. As a result the competition was pulled by a council intervention. The outcome was the subject of a BBC Documentary, “Insider”, which basically exposed the then council as having very little insight and lack of ability as not seizing on an opportunity to involve itself in what is now one of the biggest sports in the world, which the most famous European referee, the high profile Mark Goddard coached by Stevie B, used as a vehicle to become one of the most well-known sporting faces on television. Mark took the opportunity to make his refereeing debut at UK Storm which we eventually held in Eversham. During this period Steve and Sarah endeavoured to apply all this knowledge to training clients and customers, dubbing the ever-evolving method “the system”, which also runs concurrently with Steve’s self-defence/dirty boxing. The idea was originally seeded whilst working with World Endurance Champion “Paddy Doyle” in 1999.


From 2008 through to 2011 the technique was furthered when the couple spent time coaching equestrian competitors in North Wales and also the coaching of Chris Bomber Harris who went from mid table to British Speedway Champion in only 6months.

At the afore-mentioned seminar, Steve was quoted as saying
“I feel bemused and humbled at being a man who has hardly been away from our gym in Birmingham and yet to have trained with a world strongest man in Bill Kazmier; a world fittest man in Paddy Doyle; and the greatest physique of his era 5x Mr Olympia Dorian Yates. I know what it feels like to train with some of the greatest ground fighters in the world. And do you know what…. Every now and then I step back during a normal public gym session or class and fully appreciate that we are just as lucky to be helping customers and members most of who have become our friends…. Corny?….. It’s the truth”.

The gym has worked with disadvantage kids through Ballsall Heath forum and the local police force.

By the time this website is live we will have returned to subsidised Kids’ Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling, which was an original academy concept – £2.00 a class…. WOW!

Pariah Fight Team

Pariah background

Pariah is more about a system of fighting that has been adopted by exponents of MMA, BJJ and wrestling.

The whole concept is directed by Kevin Webb. Kev is a Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt who has been the resident professional at the Academy here at Stevie B’s since January 2012. Kev is one of a long line of quality instructors who also include Braulio Estima, former world champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, and world class middle weight MMA Chris Rice, which says a great deal about the clubs pedigree

Kev is very passionate about the way in which the club’s direction is evolving, and has put into place strict guidelines that ensure every student progresses, from grass roots kids tuition all the way to top level competition. This is not to say that the system does not cater for more mature students or exponents who just enjoy contact sport or self-defence and have no ambition in competition. The academy syllabus has been cleverly designed to facilitate every requirement a student may be looking for. Pariah’s competitive record has been quite astonishing to date with fighters such as Chris Miah, Shane Flaherty and Manny Singh getting plenty of attention in the world of MMA, and Martin Thomas gaining representation is the world of BJJ.

The fight team is very much a story of amalgamation of its Coventry fighters with its Birmingham members, the latter having a very rude awakening in the technical aspect with the arrival of Kev and the Coventry lads. However, Chrissy Rice’s hand as stone legacy soon embraced the technical superiority of “our” Coventry members to become the new care of Kevin Webbs “forever improving” Pariah Fight Team.

Visit the dedicated Team Pariah website

The Ever Evolving

Stevie B’s Gym & Martial Arts Academy…

Prides itself in not having had a price rise on admission or membership since 2001, while still achieving a staggering improvement in customer services and facilities.

Originally created as a non-commercial training facility for a variety of different athletes in 1993, this family run business has watched the fitness industry grow up around it.

Unlike the sterile supergiant chains of commercial facilities that have sprung up amongst the B&Q industrial estates, or the 24/7 “take the money and leave em’ to it” outfits, who have staff turnovers like the changing of the average person’s underwear, we at Stevie B’s have lived the life of rolling up the sleeves and getting in there with our members, to such a degree we have become a community institution, catering for everybody.

When you become a member of Stevie B’s you will come to understand that its operatives are ‘guardians’ who eat sleep and breath the lifestyle where customers pay the wages and customer satisfaction is everything. All we ask for of you in return is consistency, which is made easier by our inspiration.

Where are we Now?

The Team

To achieve the type of customer relations that we are striving for, we have finally been able to secure the services (head hunted) of Rachel Brindle who has spent the last seven years specialising in customer services and marketing.

Rachel has brought her own team with her in the shape of Robert Kenney (Assistant Manager) and Louis Brindle (Senior Trainer). The team is collaboration with both Sarah and Kev Webb who is heading Pariah Fight Team. The forever shifting training programme is being constantly monitored by all those involved.

This is one of the major differences between Stevie B’s and all the rest: the ability to readjust schedules and methods at precisely the right time for the subject to evolve. This might be a person who has very little gym experience all the way to top level performers such as Chris Miah, Shane Flaherty and Ahmad Aswad (Armz) in the world of Martial Arts. Aaron Bullock of Elite Training System (sponsored by) right through to numerous members who have been advised by local GP’s to join the gym to improve their ailing health. The point is our members are our main consideration. Your development is our major goal. You are not on your own.

Also stepping up is Mya Dore under the watchful eye of Kevin Webb. Mya will be contributing to the kids’ Wrestling and Jui Jitsu classes. Kev Webb has put into effect a syllabus that will run concurrent with the established Kids’ Thai classes that are already conducted by the awesome Seymour Seaton. Mya, whose dedication and hard work has seen him change from a 20+ stone weightlifter to a competitive fighting fit Martial artists weighing just 84kg.

Kev’s vast experience both as a comprehensive school teacher and Martial artist with four black belts and coaching badges once again ensure the structure of Stevie B’s teaching methods are destined for even more success in the future. Kev’s arrival in January 2012 as head of coaching staff heralded an unequalled level of results in the club’s history. This is a team member I have been trying to get on board for years, when this guy started training in 2002. It was apparent by the way he approached everything that he’d be a truly great coach, not just a great competitor. “To be a great coach you need to be paradoxically as selfless as you are driven” was Stevie B’s opinion of Kevin Webb at a recent gym seminar.

The gym also started catering for team functional sessions which are being hosted by Louis Brindle who has spent several years as a semi pro Ice Hockey Player and MMA star Chris Miah.

Many members also take advantage of our Nutritional programmes that are specifically designed by Sarah Brindle who has been a qualified Nutritionist since 1996.

Our motto at Stevie B’s:

“If you can beat this package for a starting price of as little as £15.95 a month then you have our utmost respect”.

Meet the Team



As a former body-builder himself, Steve has years of genuine hands-on experience of training routines and nutrition. He actually trained Sarah!



Under the personal training of Steve, Sarah became the Female British Body-Building Champion in record time. With her years of insight, nutrition qualifications, and successful trainees, Sarah can help you reach your goals.



Kev has been in the world of martial arts for years, and teaches the gym’s MMA and Jiu-jitsu classes.



Always a great guy for personal motivation, Pete is ready to personally take you on your training journey.