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  • Sprawl n Brawl: Tower Brawlroom DVDs

    After the success event held in April at the Tower Ballroom, the DVDs of this Sprawl n Brawl mixed martial arts night are now available, from Gymrat Heroes. Click the link to go to the page to see the DVD.оптимизация сайта яндексжан парфюмерия киевluvion camera grand eliteRitmix RBK-650бар +для гостиной купитьинтернет магазин компьютерных комплектующихsextoy discountго про

  • Sprawl n Brawl: Tower Brawl Room

    Sprawl n Brawl: Tower Brawl Room

    Continuing on with the success that are the Sprawl n Brawl mixed martial arts events, we have another one lined up for you! Taking place at the Tower Ball Room in Edgbaston, Birmingham, there is sure to be many fights once again for the ever growing crowd. Doors open at 5pm. Should be another great

  • Sprawl n Brawl: Evolution MMA fights

    Well, we helped Chris Rice organise this event, and now the MMA Birmingham fights are viewable online, having been filmed on the night. You can watch them here at Gymrat Heroes!укладка ламината своими руками на фанеруgopro hd hero2 купитьвеб сайты на продажуKI127купить фотоаппаратмагазин детских колясокensemble dessousОХРАНА ДОМАвнешняя MMS-камера

  • We’re BACK!

    Hey there – Yes, our site’s been down for a while.  We’re really sorry for this and any inconvenience caused – but we’re back now. Some robot computer managed to hack its way into our servers to use our systems for malicious purposes, but it also corrupted the website, almost completely destroying it.  We’ve finally cleared

  • Weightloss Challenge

    With the help of the guys at Gymrat Heroes, Steve and Sarah have set up the Weightloss Challenge! The challenge is to see who can lose the most body fat over a period of 6 months / 24 weeks.  The winner will receive prizes.  Click here to follow along and see how the entrants get

  • Sprawl n Brawl – Festive Fight Night

    Sprawl n Brawl – Festive Fight Night

    The next Sprawl n Brawl fight night is happening on Sunday 12th December 2010 – dubbed The Festive Fight Night! There will be Mixed Martial Arts of course, and hopefully also some Thai boxing and K1 kickboxing. It’s going to happen once more at the Ivy Leaf on Coventry Road.  Tickets cost £25 and are

  • Gymrat Heroes Issue 3 is here

    The good guys over at Gymrat Heroes have put the final touches to the 3rd issue of the online magazine.  There’s a ton of good stuff there, with workouts to follow, exclusive interviews, martial arts classes.  Check out the trailer below: Click here to go to www.GymratHeroes.comRoverстроительный сайт продвижениеключевые слова сайтаSIRIUS W2850погода на пхи пхиcar

  • Sprawl n Brawl – Interclub MMA matches

    On Saturday 16th Oct, there’s going to be another Sprawl n Brawl friendly Interclub set of fights, as organised by Chris Rice. Fighters who want to take part should turn up at Stevie B’s at 2pm for weigh in.  Spectators should arrive from 3pm onwards.  There’s a £5 entry fee, and drinks will be available