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  • New Gym Forum Online

    In our greater plans of building the community that is and surrounds Stevie B’s Gym, we’ve now added the new Forum where you can post and discuss subjects to your heart’s content. We actually had a forum a long time ago, which some of you may remember, back on the old website that was created

  • We apologise…

    Over the coming couple of weeks, we’ll be adding and testing new features to this gym website.  These will be some really great things to boost our community spirit, accessibility, and ability to teach fitness and exercise routines. However, as we can’t test these things without taking the site down, it may be that some things

  • New Year, New Goals

    Well, it’s a big year now, 2010.  Time for you to stop talking about getting fit, and really mean it. In order to succeed, you need to have goals to aim for.  We’ll happily discuss with you what can be achievable and in what timeframe – so whether you want to get in shape for

  • All ‘Beef-Up’ Videos online now

    For those of you wanting to get bigger, you’ll be pleased to see that the remaining Beef Up videos which were filmed in 2005 have been uploaded, and can be found over on this page. Some sessions are missing, as they simply weren’t filmed – sorry about that. However, there is still lots for you

  • More Beef-Up vids

    We’ve uploaded more videos, and added them to the Beef-Up page. Give these a watch, learn something, and try it out! More to come…..изучение английского за рубежом для взрослыхкупить в украине духибеспроводной аудиодомофонCrock Potкупить сумку украинасковорода для блинов с керамическим покрытиемциклевка паркетасправка о болезни для студентаПровода и питание

  • More videos

    As part of our ongoing improvement to the site, we have added in more vdeos on the Videos page – entries both for the Fitness for Life clips, and some (more to come) of the very successful 12 week beef-up program we filmed in 2005. Watch these for learning and entertainment purposes, like we said,

  • New Website Launched

    Hey everyone! We’re pleased to say that our website has received its long due overhaul, replacing our previous site which was created way back in 2004! This site has been designed to be easy for us to post news, videos and pictures for you all, as well as giving you emails with FREE advice and

  • New Building arrangements

    New Building arrangements

    Work will start on July 20th to revamp the whole building. This work will affect car parking to a minor degree during day time hours, as a new frontage and roof will be erected during the summer holiday period. It is at great expense that management have been able to implement the first part of